Dremax S-19D Slice Mama D Manual ( Made In Japan )

Dki Jakarta, Jakarta Barat| Added at Jan 29, 2014

Sliced lemon, tomato, green pepper, onion, cucumber, etc.. It is also ideal for shredded green onions, etc., radish, carrot, potato, cabbage. Ripe tomatoes in a V-shaped blade, slice evenly with scissors crowded. Length most important court is 10cm.
Hygienic also made washable.

● Applications: sliced julienne

■ Machine dimensions: W430 × L170 × H210 (mm)
■ inlet: W98 × L98 × H75 (mm)
■ Weight: 2kg
■ processing power: a 15-minute slice of tomato 180
■ shreds width: only 3.0 × 3.0mm
■ thickness control: 1 ~ 10mm (1mm increments)

. For slicing lemon, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, etc, and for cutting onion, radish, carrot, potato, cabbage into threads Slice thickness:. 0 ¯ 10mm Thread cutting: 3x3mm

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