Sepatu Safety BATA FRAZER 2S1, Jual Sepatu Safety Murah Dan Berkualitas Area Jakarta

Jawa Timur, Malang| Added at Feb 1, 2016

The safety boot FRAZER S1 is made with Barton Leather, a very sturdy natural material. It features Bata Xtreme. The FRAZER S1 features the same technology as the safety boot CLARK S1P, but does not feature a perforation-resistant mid-sole. The EVA with BATA VentAir helps your feet breathe while working, keeping them dry in the process. The FRAZER S1 is a very reliable safety boot and is ideal for Construction, Mining, Petrochemical, Manufacturing and Automotive industries.

Equator shoes are strong and well-designed safety shoes. These safety shoes are created to provide comfort for your feet. The outsole of Equator safety shoes feature the Bata Tunnelsystem® and is direct injected with double density PU-PU material.
Industry : Automotive,Construction,Manufacturing,Mining,Petrochemical
Gender : Male
Characteristics : AntiSlip, Double Density Outsole, Oil Resistance, Steel Toe Cap -200 J,Tunnel System
Temperature : Cold/Normal
Moisture : Dry
Safety Norm : CE EN ISO 20345:2004
Safety Category : S1

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