Scanner Motor YAMAHA

Jawa Timur, Malang| Added at May 13, 2017


This scanner is handheld that makes it more convenient to operate
This scanner will work all kinds models for yamaha , including motorbicycle, scooter, fun, road motor cycle,
off-road motorcycle, and so on.
This scanner can be updated online free of charge for life time.

Diagnosis functions

Read and erase the fault code, data flow analysis, CO adjustment, idle speed setting, and so on.
There will be more function such as,
Original reference value and waveform analysis for data flow analysis, signature analysis for fault code,
data can be saved and printed. There will be also all kinds of pictures showing connectors location on real vehicle diagnosis in
the program. It is easy for you to test all kinds of motors even the model you have never worked with.


Voltage: 11.6-13.2V
Supports system:Windows xp orWindows7

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