Scanner Mobil JBT CS-360

Jawa Timur, Malang| Added at May 13, 2017



The JBT-CS360 is the universal auto scanner, which can diagnose all Asian,
European, American, African and Australian cars.
It has six advantages.
Unlimited expansion
Large capacity memory, support SD card, and truly unlimited expansion.
Quick update in 80 seconds
Update in 80 seconds from SD card, to connect USB with laptop.
A comprehensive test
16-pin adaptor is compatible with K-line, J1850, CAN-BUS
and CAN-VAN communication, just a 16pin adaptor achieves a comprehensive test.
Long standby time
2800mAn battery, 4 hours standby
Intelligent voltage protection
Power module is protected intelligently, and then can prevent transient
overvoltage damage to the instrument. It is compatible with 12V and 24V
vehicles test.

Strong diagnostic functions

Inherit functions of JBT-CS auto scanners, such as personalized setting, store printing
data stream, warning color display, self-learn-judgment and update on time.

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