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Digital Level Horizon Di-Lev7

– Height measurement precision(standard deviation of Round-trip measurement per kilometer)
• Figure reading 0.7 mm
• Optical reading2.0mm

– Distance measurement precision
• Figure reading D≤10m:10mm;D>10m:Dx0.001

– measuring range
• Figure reading1.5m~100m

– Minimum display
• VD1mm/0.1mm
• distance0.1/1cm

– Measuring time ❤ br=””>
– Telescope
• Magnifi cation32×
• Resolution3′′
• Field of view1°20′
• Stadia ratio100
• Stadia addition constant0

– Compensator
• TypeTilting magnetic damping compensator
• Compensation range>±12′
• Compensation accuracy0.30′′/1′

– Data storage
• memory16MB
• Point numberIncrement / decrement / custom
• interface USB
• External StorageSD card

– Sensitivity of Circular bubble 8′/2mm

– Automatic power offFive minutes/OFF

– Horizontal dial
• scale value1º

– Display 160 x 64 dot matrix LCD with illumination

– temperature-20 ̊ – 50 ̊

– Size230mm(length)×150mm(wide) ×210mm(height)

– weight2.5kg

– Power supply details : B-21 NiMH rechargeable battery, 2100mAh, two packsVolt: 4.8vLimited charge voltage: 6v±0.05vDuration of charge: approximate 4 hours

– Display details4-lines, 20-digit per line, 160*64 Dot matrix LCD with brightness-adjustable backlight

– Data storage capacitiesInternal fl ash memory: 16MExternal storage card: Micro SD card, 2G

– Data downloading format/conversionsEquipped with Data Transferring cable and attached CD containing drivers that comply with Silicon Laboratories CP210X VCP standard for different computer operation system and transfer/conversion software. Measuring data can be easily downloaded and transferred to preferable format such as .excel or other software format. The fi le extension name stored in Flash or SD card can be automatically named as .M, .L, or .A that depends on the type of the jobs

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