Kaset Tape Koleksi Pribadi

Rp 11.000 harga nego

Mr.Big : Mr. Big, Lean Into It, Japan Demonium, Hey Man
Yngwie Malmsteen : Marching out, Rising Force, Live in Leningrad(Rp.25.000), Odyssey(Magnum Opus), Fire and Ice, Live in Brasil 1 & 2, Eclipse, Seventh Signs, Facing The Animal, War To End All Wars
Extreme : Pornografitti, The Best of
Van Halen : OU812, 5150(Rp. 15.000), For Unlawful Carnals Knowledge, The Best Of Vol 1
Eric Clapton : Unpludge
Super Guitar Heroes Vol. 1 & 3(Rp.20.000)
Guitar That Rule The World
Winger : Pull
Saigon Kick : Water
Earl Klugh : The Best Vol 1
Lee Ritenour : Collection
Steve Vai : Sex And Religion , Passion And Warfare, Fire Garden,The 7th Songs, The Ultra Zone
Joe Satriani : Flying In A Blue Dream, Crystal Planet
Megadeth : Rust In Peace, Countdown To Extinction(Rp. 15.000), Cryptic Writing
Warrant : Cherry Pie
Europe : The Best 1982-1992
Whitesnake : Slip Of The Tounge
Loudness : Soldier Of Fortune(Rp. 20.000)
Dream Theater : Image And Words, Change of Season, Scene of A Memory
Deep Purple : Come Taste The Band, Come Back To '85, In Concert, The Battle Rage On, The Best
David Lee Roth : Your Filthy Little Mouth (Rp. 15.000)
A Tribute To Ace Frehley : Spacewalk
Marty Friedman : Introduction
Cacophony : Go Off!
Bon Jovi : Crossroads , These Days